When I was growing up, my mother thought I had asthma so the only dogs she let have was Chihuahuas. I had 4 growing up. when I was old enough to buy a dog of my own, I purchased a female pit bull which was a great dog I had her for a long time after that I had female Rottweiler, she also was great dog. But my true love was always an English Bulldog. I remember growing up and watching the cartoon Tom and Jerry where there was an English bulldog on the show. I thought to myself that’s what I want. but financially I could not afford one. A little later in life, I was working my job and one of my co-workers was breading Shih Tzo, for years I was playing around with her saying she needed to bread English bulldogs instead of Shih Tzos so I could have one. a couple of years passed when at a staff Christmas Party, she pulled out a chair and told me to sit down. I didn’t have any idea what was going on, she called for her daughter to come out and she was carrying a box and told me to be careful with it as she was handing it to me. I opened the box and to my surprise it was a beautiful English Bulldog puppy, since then I have been raising English bulldogs.

My wife and I are true bulldog lovers. the great thing about my family is that all the puppies get great socialization from my family. between my wife and I we have 7 boys that makes sure each puppy is loved like one of the family. We take pride in loving and caring for each one personally. my dogs are family members they all live in the house.