When I was growing up, my mother thought I had asthma so the only dogs she let have was Chihuahuas. I had 4 growing up. when I was old enough to buy a dog of my own I purchased a female pit bull which was a great dog I had her for a long time after that I  had female Rottweiler she also was  great dog. But my true love was always a English Bulldog. I remember growing up and watching the cartoon Tom and Jerry were there was an English bulldog on the show. I thought to my self that what I want. but financially I could not afford one. A little later in life,  I was working my job and one of my co-workers was breading Shih Tzo, for years I was playing around with her saying she needed to bread English bulldogs instead of Shih Tzos so I could have one. a couple of years passed when at a staff Christmas Party, she pulled out a chair and told me to sit down. I didn’t have any idea what was going on, she called for her daughter to come out and she was carrying a box and told me to be careful with it as she was handing it to me. i opened the box and to my surprise it was a beautiful English Bulldog puppy .since then I have been raising English bulldogs